Electronic commerce, online commerce has grown exponentially in recent months. The pandemic has only accelerated that growth to the point that it is a common opinion that both telecommuting and online shopping have taken a giant leap in this crisis.

Our online sales have grown at the same rate as the sector. In 2019 the increase was of 40%. And the first months of 2020 have accentuated that rhythm. At KREMAR, in our management team, we bring together experts in the gold market and online commerce. But we always have a very special accent, a very exquisite care to distinguish ourselves from other offers by our personal treatment with customers. That is why we are able to offer a very detailed profile of what KREMAR‘s customers are like.

We must begin by affirming that its profile is very varied. The largest group is between 35 and 45 years old. That are years of stability for people: their professional development is generally at a high point, and they have the capacity to save. But they are also people who begin to think very seriously about the long term, about diversifying their investments. As one of our customers who is in that group says: “when I was young I looked at gold as a metal to decorate watches, as a symbol of luxury and excellence, but as I have grown older, for me it has a value of savings thought in the long term, and especially insurance against uncertainty, which in life is something that can always surprise you. I prefer that it surprises me with savings that have increased in value over the years. I feel calmer”.

That point of view is common in this group. They are looking for security and profitability, and they are investors who for the most part know the gold market, that have read about the advantages of this type of investment, that know the prices and the different purchasing modalities. They are therefore customers who are very clear about their option for gold. Entrepreneurs abound among them (45%) but the number of investors who have a high professional profile and who take care of their future plans has grown. It is an investor who is very used to buying online, for comfort and agility, but who also demands personalized attention and seeks the counseling of the KREMAR experts. It is a purchase that, even if it is made through a computer, a tablet or a smartphone, is a meditated and thoughtful purchase, as befits all those purchases, we make with the long term in mind.

But KREMAR’s experience tells us that, as that group gets strengthened and grows stronger, there is another group that grows. These are young people between 25 and 30 years old, who dedicate, each month, an average of 400 euros of their savings to invest in physical gold bullion. This is a younger buyer than the traditional investor, and he is well aware that he is putting his savings in a metal that is a safe haven in times of crisis.

Jorge, one of KREMAR‘s customers, is 32 years old. He graduated in Economics and has worked in several international consultancies: “I allocate a part of my payroll, every month, to the purchase of gold. I also invest in the stock market, but I’m very aware that there is a part of my salary with which I can take risks, but a percentage must be safe. It is the way to guarantee profitability even if the equity market goes wrong”.

Another of our customers, Víctor, is a young lawyer who sees how in his environment the culture of investing in gold grows: “it is not yet as deeply rooted as in other countries, in the United States, or in northern Europe. I know this because I have international customers who are surprised by this. For them, investing in gold is very widespread in their countries. Now, I see a growing interest, especially since the crisis of 2008. People learned that you must have basic security covered and only gold can give you that. That crisis, which was hard, was a great lesson for everyone”.

For all of them, young and not so young, KREMAR offers a flexible way of investment, rigorous security and guarantee, and a permanent and personal counseling.

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