On 11/20/2020 in the capital of Spain, the best-known magazine “Madrid Magazine” held an annual reception to summarize the year and reward the representatives of the Spanish business for their contribution to the development of the IT-economy of the country. Among them, the heads of our gold company, Kseniya KREGER and Marina GLORIA, were awarded a crystal star.

They addressed the audience with the following words: “In the modern Digital Age, when people are totally forced to go virtual, we bring online the ideas of the very important role of gold in the life of society and investments in gold in the formation of financial security for each person.

Gold has served as a currency for 5,000 years, so we are confident that the future digital currency will also be backed by real gold assets”.

Everyone reacted intensely to this call. After all, the advantages of our company were presented in the most obvious way: the tables were decorated with our brand champagne with gold. And our leaders, as always, organized a fun draw of gold bullion!

“GL”: Always be with Gold!

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