Gold has skyrocketed from the pandemic. Its price exceeds $1,800 an ounce. But experts are already charting their bullish run. It will hit, they say, $2,000 in no time. Others, such as Bank of America, assure that its price will reach 3,000 dollars an ounce in 2021. For decades, gold has been a refuge, and it behaves in the same way in crises: bullish runs that are sustained over time and that form a solid stability. Gold is a very predictable metal: it is easy to know what will happen to it in the markets. Its profitability in the medium and long term is very high. Today we are going to give you five reasons to invest in gold, to diversify your investment portfolio and be protected against the instability posed by other products such as stocks, bonds, public debt, etc.

1) The first reason is an intrinsic value. Gold has intrinsic value. We always know what it is because its price is set twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Gold is used in jewelry and in the most technological industry, therefore it is always in high demand. And it’s also the long-term investment product par excellence. So it is a metal that will never suspend payments, because it’s not an accounting entry, but a value in itself.

2) The second reason is that it’s very easy to buy. It can be done online through the KREMAR page. Here you have different formats. You should know that the larger the piece you buy, the lower price you have to pay for the purchase, so it compensates to buy pieces of a larger size. Purchases can be made in cash up to 2,500 euros and from that amount by bank transfer. You can pay by card, and the shipment is of maximum security.

3) The liquidity of gold is immediate. At any time, if you want to sell your part, KREMAR will buy it back from you quickly. Converting gold into cash, into banknotes, is very simple, and you always know what you have, for the reason that gold pricee is set twice a day on the international market. Your reference price is always present.

4) The fourth reason is that gold is a very stable value, more stable than any other financial product. For this reason, experts recommend that an investment portfolio have at least a fifteen percent investment in gold. It’s a highly recommended investment for long-term savings. This strong stability is assured, and has been the case for many decades.

5) The fifth reason is that gold doesn’t pay VAT, it’s exempt from that tax, so the entire investment becomes precious metal.

These are the five basic questions that you must take into account when investing in gold. The process is very simple. If you have any questions, KREMAR’s live chat will solve them for you. We are a company with years of experience, with a deep knowledge of the gold market, in which buying gold becomes a simple operation with the maximum guarantees of security and confidence.

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