Gold is associated with big investments. In general, people think that it’s a way to ensure savings with guaranteed profitability for fortunes. And it’s not like that. KREMAR’s experience demonstrates this.

It’s possible to buy depending on the resources of each one. KREMAR has among its customers entrepreneurs who buy quantities of gold that we could consider important. But alongside them, there’re others who buy small quantities regularly. We’re honored to have among our customers pensioners who ask us every month for a gold coin. They invest less than 200 euros each month. They always intend to give their grandchildren a gift so that they can fulfill their dream, for example, to study a career in a good college. That saving is the gateway to great hopes.

The KREMAR offer
KREMAR offers its customers bullion with a weight ranging from one gram to one kilo of gold. And between those two sizes there is a wide variety of possibilities that adapt to the moment and the capacities of all customers: 2.5 grams, 5 grams, 10, 20, 1 ounce, 50 grams, 100, 250 grams and half a kilo.

Those of less than 100 grams are usually presented in a minted format and those that exceed this weight are molten. Those of 100 grams are offered in both modalities. Browse this varied offer and now ask yourself if your previous idea holds up. Actually, buying gold is within the reach of all economies, it’s not a market for a few, on the contrary.

Once that prejudice is removed, let’s see how there’re many other reasons to invest in gold, reasons that are interesting for all economies. Gold is a metal that has immediate liquidity, and that revalues over time. It’s also an international currency: it can be converted into immediate liquidity anywhere in the world.

KREMAR customers speak
Investing in gold is also a way to diversify our savings, and therefore a way to protect it. Gold offers maximum security. Our clients say so. An example of an entrepreneur, owner in a medium-sized company that in a recent e-mail told us that: “the first days of state of alarm in Spain we had a delicate situation. There was a lack of liquidity, big confusion and the credits announced by the government took a long time to become available. We had a very difficult situation, especially for the March payrolls. Stock deposits were down a lot on impact, and it wasn’t convenient to sell with big losses. Because we had a portion of our corporate gold savings, we were able to get out of trouble without going into debt.”

But moreover, gold has a great fiscal advantage. It’s that the purchase of gold isn’t taxed with the Value Added Tax, VAT. From 2 grams, as long as the gold has a fineness greater than 95.5% in the case of bullion and 90% in the case of coins, you don’t pay VAT. That fineness is more than guaranteed in KREMAR bullion and coins.

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