KREMAR‘s mission is to guarantee the profitability and security of the investments of our customers. Our vehicle to maximize those two variables is gold. And that is why we want to offer you the golden rules to keep investment plans on track. The best investment plan is one that achieves its objectives. This is the maxim that we repeat. Therefore, firstly we must be clear about the goals we want to achieve. Our customers are investors and savers who diversify, but in all their plans and strategies, gold plays a basic and fundamental role, due to its condition of safe value, without risk.

Set an objective
Defining the objective is essential. We must know the goals, and set a series of milestones, and to achieve them we must propose a strategy. We must set short, medium and long-term goals and set dates for them. It’ll help us plan. KREMAR experts will always help you, with personalized attention, to set the role that gold will play in your own strategy.

Profitability is associated with installments. If we look for a high profitability in a very short term, we’re risking. High profitability is earned in the medium and long term with gold, as we have exposed, with examples, in other articles on this blog. The investor must reflect on the level of risk that he wants to assume. KREMAR will help him in his consultations, to have a saving in the form of gold to cover all these needs that can’t be subject to risk.

‘Don’t put all your eggs in one basket’. It is a well-known saying that shouldn’t be forgotten when investing. You must distribute capital, invest in diverse assets, in different areas. KREMAR counsels you on the weight that gold should have in that strategy. Gold guarantees with its security the risk that you can assume in other investments.

Invest for the long term
You should never consider that the objective of investing is to “get rich quickly”, it would be a big mistake. KREMAR recommends you keep an investment for at least 5 years and, if possible, for a longer period. It must be given the opportunity to provide the expected returns. Gold, in this sense, is the best investment.

Beware of the supposed bargains
You should be careful with highly speculative investments and not follow the herd and invest only because the current is going to a point. For example, many investors were seduced by the digital currency Bitcoin in the second half of 2017, as its price rose, only to see its value halve in a month.

Never invest in anything you don’t understand
Remember that it was very difficult for you to earn the money, so before you entrust it to an investment vehicle, you should take time to investigate thoroughly until you understand what it involves and what the possible risks are. Rigorous information and personal counseling, a consultation that answers all your questions, is a basic first step.

Commissions and other costs
They will affect your returns. It’s important to take them into account when choosing your investment. Taxation must be an analyzed point. Remember that gold is exempt from VAT.

Reinvest earnings
If you don’t need them right away, you may want to consider reinvesting your earnings, potentially increasing the value of your returns. KREMAR suggests you invest in gold any capital that isn’t immediately needed: it’s liquidity and profitability insurance, always available, easily convertible, and purchases are exempt from value added tax.

And remember that KREMAR counsels you permanently and personally. Each investor profile is different, has his own objectives, and deadlines that depend on his own uniqueness. KREMAR offers solutions in which gold will be an ally, a safe value, a refuge, and a guarantee.

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